Gas Compliance for Caravans & Motorhomes

New Rules & Regulations for Caravans & Motorhomes

Since new rules came in to place on the 1st July 2013, there have been a few big changes as to who is allowed to do gasfitting.

It used to be that if LPG was supplied from a 9 kg or smaller bottle, you didn’t need to get a certified gasfitter to do the work, and were able to do it yourself. The old rules resulted in a lot of very dangerous DIY installations, particularly with work on caravans and motorhomes. We find a lot of accidents just waiting to happen with many of the vehicles we inspect.

Any work with LPG now needs to be done by a Certified Gasfitter, and any work done under the ‘High risk’ category (caravans and motorhomes) needs to be logged on the government website  – You can look up your gas certificate on the website, by typing in the Energy Safety number you are given on your gas certificate or by typing in your caravan registration/VIN number. If you are unsure about your vehicle’s current state of compliance, we can help.

Importing a Recreational Vehicle

New regulations state that before being used in NZ, all imported RVs need to have their gas appliances ‘endorsed’ by an approved practitioner to make sure they are safe and working correctly with New Zealand LPG. Once deemed safe for use, the approved practitioner can then issue your appliances with the gas compliance tick. Imported RV’s also need to be checked and have all LPG gas connections fitted by a certified gasfitter who will have the work added and logged on the Energy Safety website.

Gas can be a dangerous business

You’d be surprised by the things we find when inspecting imported vehicles. Look through our gallery of inspection images to see examples of bad installation and signs of required maintenance. If anything looks familiar with your vehicle contact us and we can help.

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